Analytically Tracked Fitness Classes and Engagement Challenges

ABC will turn your on-site fitness center into a place of efficient and effective physical activities. We provide on-site equipment and skilled professionals to conduct cardio, strength training, and mind-body style classes. 


Fitness classes and engagement challenges are analytically tracked, providing the client with quarterly and annual aggregate reports of improvements in biometric and engagement data. Our corporate fitness classes can integrate seamlessly into the current wellness program of any scaled organization and does not require any additional internal resource. The corporate fitness classes are strategically selected based on the wellness objectives of the company.


"People seek communication, connection, relationships, and shared experiences. There are a lot of people who are somewhat isolated, and the question is, "where do they go for a community experience?" The fitness center could become a place that nurtures community in a much broader sense, and it hasn't done that yet." - Will Phillips

Class Type


Classes are categorized into 5 types:


  • Cardiovascular Training - Classes to promote improved capacity of the cardiovascular system. 

  • Strength Training - A method of improving muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight.

  • Mind Body Training - Physical exercise executed with a profound inwardly-directed focus. This inwardly-directed attention is focused in a non-judgmental fashion on oneself.

  • Live and Learn - 30-45 minutes training or presentation session design to focus on a health, wellness topic e.g.  nutrition, IBS, Exercise and body types, etc.

  • Trending class - Let us bring the newest in health and wellness to your organization.


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