Minimized Disease Risk with Changes to Behaviors and Lifestyle

Health Assessment


Health screening collects data that can be used with the gold star program in evidenced-based health risk assessments and the education tool, Know Your Number. Our highly skilled health screening technologists use the latest health screening technology to collect clinical information along with medication, lifestyle, and personal health information, all to help calculate an individual's risk for 9 of the most costly, modifiable chronic diseases. A simple report displays an individual's disease risk and a peer risk comparison. The primary focus of the Know Your Number assessment is modifiable disease risk, or the risk that can be minimized with changes to behaviors and healthier lifstyle choices.

Fitness Assessment


We are the first in the DFW fitness area to use the newest Styku 3D technology to conduct fitness assessments that view measurements, shape, body composition, and other data as the body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance, keeping the client engaged. This will replace calipers and inconsistent measuring from trainers, as-well-as track baseline circumferences of more than 25 customized points giving a less than 1% margin of error in Styku fat percentage and a reliable calculation of baseline lean and fat mass.


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