With over 20 years in the industry,


ABC Health and Fitness

has been designing health, fitness and wellness programs for small-to-medium workplaces and multi-family residential properties.
ABC Health and Fitness conducts in depth assessments before implementing customized wellness programs ranging from group-ex classes to wellness webinars/seminars to health screenings.   Our metric/data driven results allow our clients to better serve their employees (or residents) which can differentiate them from their competition.

That along with our high-qualified team of licensed instructors, trainers, nutritionist and clinical technicians allows ABC Health and Fitness to be one of the top local B2B wellness organization in the DFW area.


Our mission at ABC Health and Fitness is to be the leading provider of health and fitness for small-to-medium size organizations and multi-family residential properties by using our portfolio to differentiate content and service.

We seek to develop the most comprehensive and scalable service in these underserved markets.

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